Where on the web am I?

This is devi.org, a site dedicated to my projects on India, including my personal webpages and fundraising for travel. It is also a homepage for my husband Allan. I'm glad you could join us!



This site is under constant construction. Fact of life. But hey... what's here today?

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Where did all my cool graphics come from???

Before you go rampaging through my graphics, note that not all of them are public domain. Please check out these pages!(icons do not necessarily reflect graphic available on linked page.)

The photographs of my wedding, reception, parties, friends, family, beanies, kittens, and India are copyrighted by me. If for some reason you wish to use these images, please contact me for permission. Many of the graphics on these pages really are mine, and are copyrighted by me.


Iconbazaar offers lots of really wonderful graphics, but limits how many you can use. Some copyrighted.


Beware of Cat! has wonderful cat graphics. Go for it!


Did you get forgotten? I apologize! Please let me know if you see a graphic that is yours and I've left you out so I can add your page link right away.


The Never Surrender Bar is mine, and I do hold copyright to it. Want one for your page? Just ask!

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