Cave seven may have been originally intended as a very large vihara. It has an elaborate porch, porch cells, and a wide facade. However, it was not to be.

Cave 7, view of shrine from porch.

The shrine for cave seven opens directly from th porch, surrounded by elaborately carved walls, probably of the Sravasti Miracle.

Carving of the Sravasti Miracle, Cave 7, shrine antechamber.

The problem of Cave 7 may actually be linked to the problem of Cave 4. Once the Cave 4 ceiling fell, the patron of Cave 7, which would have been an even larger vihara, decided not to risk a similar fate. The vihara plan was abandoned. Or perhaps the money simply ran out on the project, after the elaborate porch was completed.

Base of the door to the main shrine: yaksha and lion.


Upper part of the door of the main shrine, with yakshi figure and Buddhas.

The elaborately carved shrine antechamber also has motifs seen at other Ajanta cave portals- yakshis, Buddhas, and vegetal motifs.


The ceiling of the porch may have been on e of the finest in the Ajanta complex. Unfortunately, it is all but lost due to smoke damage. The caves were used in later centuries by sadhus, and the cooking fires nearly obliterated painting from several of the cave porches.

Yaksha amid vines from the porch ceiling. The ceiling was originally very elaborate and brightly colored.









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