Visit the caves of Ajanta!

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The Ajanta caves were constructed in the late fifth century AD by a variety of patrons. Best known for its extraordinarily well-preserved paintings (both first century BC and fifth century AD), Ajanta also provides a wealth of information about sculpture and architecture in ancient India.

Cave 1

Cave 2 Beautiful paintings and sculptures, especially the ceilings.

Cave 3

Cave 4 Fabulous doorway and porch sculptures, including Avalokiteshvara.

Cave 5 Another beautiful doorway.

Cave 6 A cave with two levels, and at least 4 shrines.

Cave 7 A porch of myriad Buddhas!

Cave 8

Cave 9 Paintings from the first century BC.

Cave 10

Cave 11

Cave 12

Cave 13

Cave 14 Beautiful yaksis. This cave is not usually open to the public.

Cave 15

Cave 16 The Great Elephant Gate.

Cave 17 Famous paintings of the porch, including the Kalachakra.

Cave 18 A wonderful pillar capital.

Cave 19 One of the great chaitya halls, with the Nagaraja shrine.

Cave 20 A wonderful ceiling, based on Cave 1.

Cave 21 Another nice doorway, and the porch Hariti.

Cave 22

Cave 23 More beautiful porch carvings.

Cave 24 Another great doorway.

Cave 25

Cave 26 One of the great chaitya halls, with side "wings": interior and exterior carvings and painting.

Cave 27